The ECHO Experience

Who We Are

Children’s Outreach Solutions exists to inspire others to take JESUS to neighborhood children, empowering them through relationships, resources and training.

The original vision:

It started with a song on the radio then a vision of a place where at risk children and youth were going from one area to another and off to the right were parents around a table in some kind of parenting classes.  It was BIG- it was OVERWHELMING!  Then the Lord spoke and said, “You don’t start there!  You start in ONE backyard.”  That we could do!  And we did! 

Little did we know 19 years ago, that today there would be 13 Backyard Bible Club sites where 1100 elementary age children meet each week or that we would have an old oil warehouse facility turned youth center for hundreds of youth each week, or that we would have a college scholarship program for students who have been a part of our programs to have an opportunity  go to college.  Little did we know that there would be a transitional home for young men who have been part of House of Faith to live in and be taught basic life skills to launch them into adulthood as Godly responsible citizens or that House of Faith would be used to launch a city wide effort connecting churches to partner with public schools to support  through mentoring, tutoring and teacher encouragement.  It was a very BIG vision but God is a very BIG GOD.

WE were able to “GO” and step into God’s BIG vision because he broke it down for us.  “You don’t start there, you start in ONE BACKYARD!” But it took the first step to “GO.”   Praise God for the courage to take that first step because it led to another then another and another.  If God is calling to take the first step, and we don’t, then who will?  God is faithful.  If He is calling you, He will lead you as you take that step and he will always be there to light your way.   


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