The ECHO Experience

Who We Are

Children’s Outreach Solutions exists to inspire others to take JESUS to neighborhood children, empowering them through relationships, resources and training.


EChO – Effective Children’s Outreach 

Why EChO?

FACT: Every neighborhood has children who are not regularly involved in a children’s ministry program.  WHICH MEANS:  There are children in our own backyards who have never heard the Gospel message in a way that they can understand and apply.  REALITY CHECK:  They never will, unless, someone “takes JESUS to them.”   

What is EChO? (A Solution)

A one-day training seminar hosted by your church or a church in your area on Effective Children’s Outreach.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN?  We teach you from our model of “Taking JESUS to Neighborhood Children,” an effective way to share the Gospel with children in your neighborhood that for any number of reasons are not attending church.  WHY “EXPERIENCE EChO”?:  An EChO training offers more than just valuable in-class training; we raise the bar by coming alongside you to provide you with hands-on training that is impactful, and one that will help you jumpstart your very first neighborhood outreach.  THAT’S RIGHT:  We help you identify a location in your community to start an outreach, and help you start it as a part of the experience.  

Who is EChO For?

YOU!  or ANYONE who has a passion for children’s outreach such as Children’s Pastors, Ministers, Workers, or Volunteers.


Call to schedule a one-day (6 hour training) EChO Experience today.  

How do I become involved?  

Host an EChO Experience for people in your church or for people in your community.

Want More Information?

Call Chelsey at 325.486.8637 or email us at