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Children’s Outreach Solutions exists to inspire others to take JESUS to neighborhood children, empowering them through relationships, resources and training.


Through this unit, children will learn about the concept and importance of a covenant, and being “Covenant Keepers.” Each of the five lessons tells the story of key Biblical figures from the Old Testament and their experiences with God’s covenant promises. The unit ends with a lesson about a final new and better covenant between God and all people that was made possible by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross.  Read more
Through this four lesson unit, children will learn how to become “Cycle Breakers.” Each lesson teaches a process that can break negative life cycles: knowing where we come from, seeking after God, applying God’s Word to our lives and committing to continue following Him and keep His Word. The unit follows the life of Josiah, King of Judah, and each lesson draws parallels from his life and the decisions he made.  Read more
This unit is a series of four lessons designed to teach children a basic knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior. This unit is based on John 3:16, and emphasizes that God loves us, we are special, and the importance of having faith in God.  Read more
In this six lesson unit, children will learn about the Fruits of the Spirit and about the importance of choosing to abide in (to remain or stay connected) and not be disconnected from Jesus. Each lesson follows the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul as described in the book of Acts. Read more
Through this unit, children will learn about “God’s Word – The Holy Bible” and how to know, understand, and handle it correctly on two levels. Each of the five lessons included tells the story of a key Biblical figure from the New Testament and the experiences they had with the Word of God. Each lesson also highlights a corresponding truth about the Bible and points out the importance of that truth in the children’s own lives.  Read more
Sometimes it seems that Christians don’t have an understanding of who they are in Christ, so they often experience what may be called an “Identity Crisis.” This four lesson unit focuses on encounters from the book of John that Jesus had with people who followed him. The lessons illustrate how following Jesus leads to a proper understanding of who we are in Christ and our identity as Christ followers.  Read more
In this unit, children will learn how everything began at the purpose and intention of God himself. This six lesson unit begins with an explanation of the three-in-one Godhead, then follows the six day chronology of creation, and ends with an overview of God’s redemptive plan through history.  Read more
The Bible teaches that those who put their hope in the Lord will soar “On Eagle’s Wings.” This four lesson unit focuses on that message, as well as  the points in the life point teaching: “Hope gives me courage and strength, allows me to change, and meets my needs.” All events in this unit are taken from actual accounts in the book of Luke and each lesson spotlights how the featured person’s hope in the Lor Read more
An eight lesson unit teaching children that when they depend on God’s mighty power, He will make them strong and able to stand against the devil’s evil plan. Read more
This is a four lesson unit that focuses on some common struggles that children face today: weariness, pressure to conform, discouragement and fear. Each lesson parallels one of these struggles and an example from the Bible where people took a stand and trusted in God because they knew that “The Battle Belongs To the Lord!” Read more


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